We are always looking for new writers to join our team in writing about motorcycle trail rides and enduro in the UK. From writing advice to newbies and articles on everything to do with motorcycle trail runs and enduro.

To apply for a job as a writer for the magazine, you will need extensive knowledge around everything in motorcycles, trail riding and enduro. Being well skilled in writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling are must-have attributes. You will need to come up with intriguing headings and topics and write informative articles.

Some of our readers are experienced with motorcycles, trail runs, and enduro races. Our writers need to be able to write about factual knowledge and information to interest experienced riders.

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Being informed at all times around new, up and coming races and events and the latest news around the off-road motorcycle scene in the UK is what we provide to our readers. All articles need to include reputable information.

To start writing for our magazine, you will first need to write a couple of original articles for us on the subject of motorcycle trail rides and enduro in the UK. Write up to three articles that include tips and advice to newbie riders, motorcycles, enduro and trail runs.

You will need to have good skills in the English language and be knowledgeable about motorcycles and riders.